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We used to be exactly where you are and know the fastest way to create the healthiest home for your best life. Get consulting and coaching to gain the ultimate advantage in life.

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Worried about toxins in your home?

Do you long to provide yourself and your family the healthy basic needs to thrive?

Doesn't your family deserve the chance to live their best life?

Most people struggle with these same questions. You're not alone and we're here to help. We used to be exactly where you are.


Live your best life.

Our customers no longer struggle with creating a healthy home.

You too can have the health confidence to make the best choices for your life.

You'll spend less time and money shopping without a purpose so you can focus on what's important to you.


Create your healthy home.

1. Buy a product.

Anything you buy at ToxyFree has healthy built right into it.

2. Use your product.

Swap the ToxyFree product for your regular-routine product. So easy.

3. Enjoy your life.

Feel the joy knowing you are providing health to yourself and your family!

Hello, I'm Laura.

I know what it feels like to worry about health, weight, and finding healthy items for a healthy life. Worse is the thought of compromising beauty and pleasure to do so.

That's why I spent over a decade finding products and creating systems to live the healthiest life possible while experiencing the most liberating freedom and joy ever!

When you turn to ToxyFree for freedom from worry about health-harming toxins, you will create a healthy home that you love and you will thrive!



Her approach makes it possible to achieve toxin-free living even if you’re a busy mom with a handful of babes. She’s done so much trustworthy research that saved us a lot of time in getting started.

Krystal F.

She was not trying to 'sell' me on any particular thing, what she wanted was to set me up for success! She was so non-judgemental and kind in her approach. I honestly cannot put a price on this service as it has changed how I live.

Andeea R.

What a gift to find ToxyFree while we were in the process of building a new home. We were looking for a way to bring the warmth and textures of nature inside and wanted to be mindful and intentional about how we selected our surroundings.

Deb F.

Before I found ToxyFree's products, dental care was a daily plastic-fest. Plastic bristles in a plastic toothbrush. Plastic string in a plastic container. Enter ToxyFree's silk, glass and bamboo dental care items. These products leave out the plastic, and transform a dull chore into an elegant morning & evening self-care ritual. Such a small, simple change! And the impact adds up every day. I love these products and will never go back!

Kit P.

My dog, Dreamer, developed seasonal allergies this year that manifested in skin irritation and her scratching her skin raw.  After avoiding potential allergens in her dry food did not lessen her symptoms, I started her on a raw food diet that includes muscle and organ meats, and raw bones.  Laura helped me determine the right balance of each ingredient and Dreamer is much happier, more easily maintains her weight, has more energy, and less skin irritation.  

Julie L.

“I stepped foot into ToxyFree shop two years ago and felt like I stepped into heaven. Laura’s smile and joy was contagious. I remember feeling so welcomed and seen. They have given my family the most valuable wisdom, ease, and health to live fully and joyfully. We look forward to buying their meat, fish, eggs, olive oil, and salt every month!!!! We can’t imagine life without ToxyFree!”

Sophia J.

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