Finding REAL FOOD is not easy. Please benefit from our years of searching, researching, reading and then experimenting with the following sources that have been RESTORING OUR HEALTH for several years now! Use these affiliate links to help support TOXYFREE❤️

Northstar Bison: The family cares for the bison from birth to end of life on their ranch that has been returned to all Wisconsin native grass. They have tested their soil 20 ft deep and might possibly have the most nutrient-dense food on the planet!

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We are also so grateful for the farmers who provide such nutrient-dense, natural, chemical-free food that we have met in our state from Click on the state you live in and read through the listing to find food you are looking for (beef, lamb, goat, rabbit, chicken, pork, eggs, etc). Be sure to ask questions about the details of their practices when you contact them. Sign up to receive a list of the questions we ask farmers when choosing our food.

We also recommend US Wellness Meats:

100% Grass-Fed Beef Only At Grassland Beef

Their rare products that we love & purchase often include:

SUGAR-FREE BEEF BACON (rare & difficult to find)

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BEEF TALLOW for cooking (already rendered)

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LAMB TALLOW for cooking (already rendered)

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SUGAR-FREE PEMMICAN (rare & difficult to find)



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