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    Q1: What makes your clay cookware unique?

    A1: Our handmade unglazed clay cookware has a history that spans over 700 years. The traditional making process ensures that each piece retains the original taste of your food and enhances its nutritional value.

    Q2: What care do I need to take of my clay cookware?

    A2: Our clay cookware is easy to maintain. After each use, rinse it with water and then polish it dry. Avoid using chemical soap as it may get absorbed into the clay. Also, the cookware should not be exposed to sudden temperature changes as it can cause cracks.

    Q3: What is so special about your vegetable-tanned leather?

    A3: Our vegetable-tanned leather products are made to last a lifetime, free of chemicals or finishes. They come with a lifetime warranty. In case you want to exchange or return it, we provide a discount off of another style or even trade for another "pre-loved" style of similar wear and tear.

    Q4: How do I take care of my carbon steel pan?

    A4: After every cleaning, remember to coat your carbon steel pan with olive oil to prevent rusting. With more usage, the pan becomes more non-stick without the use of chemicals. If food sticks to the pan, just add water, "deglaze" the pan by cooking the water on high, and scrape off what has stuck with the organic bamboo scraper provided.

    Q5: How do your magnesium bath flakes improve my health?

    A5: Our magnesium bath flakes come from one of the purest sources on the planet. A 20-minute soak before bed can aid in restorative sleep and offer significant health benefits (as reported by the NY Times). Just dissolve around a cup of the flakes in warm water and soak.

    Q6: How do I clean and maintain my wooden products?

    A6: Our olive wood and other wooden products are easy to maintain. Hand wash and dry them after use. To retain their natural shine, condition them periodically with organic olive oil.

    Q7: Do you offer a product warranty?

    A7: Yes, our vegetable-tanned leather products and carbon steel pans come with a lifetime warranty. We are committed to providing products that are made to last.

    Q8: What is your return and exchange policy?

    A8: We accept returns or exchanges on our vegetable-tanned leather products. You can also exchange it for a discount off another style or trade evenly for another "pre-loved" style of similar wear and tear. For other products see here.