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Bath & Beauty

Bath & Beauty

Nourish your body naturally with our Bath & Beauty range. We've handpicked the purest organic makeup, handmade soaps, and more to support a toxin-free beauty routine. Every product, from our rejuvenating magnesium items to wildcrafted pumice stones, is designed to promote wellbeing, enhancing your natural beauty without harmful chemicals.
Curated For You

Curated For You

Each item in this curated collection is a testament to enduring style, conscious living & unmatched quality. These essentials enrich your life, fostering a deep connection to beauty + health while honoring your commitment to sustainability. Embark on a journey towards a more radiant, healthier life today with these timeless pieces, crafted to grow with you.

Fashion & Accessories

Accessorize with confidence with our toxin-free Fashion & Accessories collection. Browse our range of vegetable-tanned leather bags, purses, and belts, knowing each piece is handmade and designed with your health in mind. Experience the luxury and longevity of toxin-free fashion that doesn't compromise on style.

Healthy Foods & Supplements

Discover an exquisite range of culinary delights - from the finest salts and oils, to wildcrafted pecans and heirloom corn chips prepared with handcrafted coconut oil. Every element in this collection supports a harmonious, thriving lifestyle, paving the way for extraordinary health and vitality.

Home & Lifestyle

Create a toxin-free haven with our Home & Lifestyle products. Our collection includes everything from toxin-free brushes and smudge sticks to plastic-free stationery, allowing you to infuse every aspect of your life with mindful choices. Explore our range and make your home an extension of your commitment to health and wellbeing.

Kitchen & Cookware

Elevate your culinary experience with our Kitchen & Cookware collection. Discover a selection of artisan-made cookware, utensils, and tools, all curated with a toxin-free ethos. From carbon steel pans and clay cookware to olive wood utensils and handmade knives, our products ensure your kitchen is as healthy as your meals.