Once I learned that sleep was the key to my health and happiness, it became and still is the most important part of my diet. 

We've created several resources for you to experience this transformational shift as well!

These are the blue light glasses I use here. I choose the metal frames to avoid health-harming toxins in plastic. Use this affiliate link to help TOXYFREE❤️.

I install f.lux on my computer monitor. It's free and I've used it for years to block the harsh glare of my monitor.

Stop looking at monitors before bedtime. The earlier the better:)

Just like with everything else, your diet matters! Eat real food.

Just like with everything else, your mental diet matters. Input inspiring to output inspiring:)

Get enough magnesium. That can be difficult with degrading soil quality. We add natural magnesium using pristine sources for periodical foot soaking and daily mineral drops to our water.

Sleep in total darkness and go to bed around the same time each night.

Remove all electronics from your bedroom.

Organic natural rubber mattress & organic bedding. TOXYFREE can help you with this. Send us a message at Remember: some toxic chemicals added to sheets and mattresses actually CAUSE insomnia!

We include sleep lessons and resources in our membership.