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    Discover the life-changing benefits of quality sleep with TOXYFREE's curated collection of sleep resources. Prioritizing sleep is essential to your overall health, happiness, and well-being. Let us guide you on your journey to transform your sleep habits and achieve the restorative rest you deserve.


    1. BLUE LIGHT GLASSES: Protect your eyes and improve your sleep with our recommended blue light glasses. Choose metal frames to avoid harmful toxins found in plastic. Enjoy a discount by using our affiliate link to purchase your glasses.

    2. F.LUX SOFTWARE: Install the free f.lux software on your computer to reduce blue light exposure and eye strain caused by your monitor.

    3. MONITOR-FREE EVENINGS: Limit screen time before bedtime to promote relaxation and encourage healthy sleep patterns.

    4. NUTRITION: A balanced diet with real, wholesome foods can positively impact your sleep quality.

    5. MENTAL WELLNESS: Cultivate a healthy mental diet by consuming inspiring and uplifting content.

    6. MAGNESIUM: Support restful sleep by incorporating magnesium into your routine through foot soaks and mineral drops in your water.

    7. CONSISTENT SLEEP SCHEDULE: Sleep in total darkness and maintain a consistent bedtime to optimize your body's natural sleep-wake cycle.

    8. ELECTRONICS-FREE BEDROOM: Create a serene sleep environment by removing electronic devices from your bedroom.

    9. ORGANIC SLEEP SOLUTIONS: Invest in an organic natural rubber mattress and bedding to avoid toxins that may contribute to insomnia. Contact us at for recommendations and assistance.

    10. TOXYFREE MEMBERSHIP: Access exclusive sleep lessons and resources as part of our TOXYFREE Valet Service.