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    At TOXYFREE, our story is deeply personal and shared passionately by our co-founders, Laura + Behzad. Laura's journey through an autoimmune disease since age 12 has profoundly shaped our mission. The significant transformation she experienced by eliminating processed foods sparked a deeper commitment to health—a philosophy she embraced with Behzad's unwavering support.

    Together, they transformed their living environment into a sanctuary of natural beauty and wellness. Their home became a testament to a life well-lived, beautifully adorned and brimming with vitality. It's this health-first approach to a toxin-free lifestyle, cultivated by both Laura + Behzad, that inspired TOXYFREE.

    Today, TOXYFREE is not just a store—it's a platform for sharing. We offer the very products and systems that were pivotal in Laura + Behzad's journey toward optimal health and happiness. Our mission is to empower you to recreate their success in your own life, with solutions that are as delightful as they are health-enhancing.

    Join us in embracing a life where health comes first, surrounded by beauty and sustained by nature. Together with Laura + Behzad, discover how TOXYFREE can bring out the best in your health, happiness, and home.