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Artisan-Crafted Olive Wood Kitchen Utensils - Aesthetic, Sustainable & Antibacterial


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Elevate your kitchen aesthetics with our Artisan-Crafted Olive Wood Kitchen Utensils, offering a harmonious blend of beauty, sustainability, and functionality.

Experience the perfect marriage of form and function with our Olive Wood Kitchen Utensils. These artisanal kitchen essentials, with their rich grain and warm hues, are more than just tools - they are pieces of art, bringing a touch of natural elegance to your kitchen while serving your culinary needs.

Choose from a collection of beautifully designed utensils: a paddle spoon (10" x 3"), a small teaspoon (5" x 1"), a round spreader (6.5" x 1.5"), a ladle (12"), a spoon (10.5"), a curved spatula (12"), and a straight spatula (12"). Each utensil, with its smooth edge that doesn't scratch cookware, stands as a safe and durable alternative to plastic tools that often release harmful compounds.

Crafted from non-productive olive trees, our utensils are a testament to sustainable sourcing and exquisite craftsmanship. Each piece is nonporous, naturally antibacterial, and coated with a protective layer of olive oil, sometimes with a small addition of local vegetable oil and honey, to ensure lasting quality.

Promoting health and sustainability, our olive wood utensils are handcrafted by artisans receiving a fair wage in a family-owned business in Tunisia. These utensils, designed in Italy and produced in Tunisia, not only support local economies but also uphold the principles of ethical sourcing and traditional craftsmanship.

Enhance the lifespan and the aesthetic appeal of your utensils by washing them by hand with warm water and natural soap or salt/lemon. To retain their shine and durability, periodically oil the wood with organic olive oil.

Our Artisan-Crafted Olive Wood Kitchen Utensils are not just a product, but a statement of style, sustainability, and superior quality. Cherish these tools as they lend their elegance to your kitchen, last a lifetime with proper care, and bring peace of mind with their safe and sustainable nature.