Olive Wood Utensils

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After investing in toxin-free, clay cookware I began thinking about the utensils I use within the precious natural surfaces of the cookware. I started searching for natural utensils. I found out that olive wood is a European treasured kitchen tool for its hardness, strength, anti-bacterial properties and its unique beauty. It is also sustainable because the olive tree eventually stops producing olives and the wood becomes knotted, gnarled and thick; this gnarling thickness is what creates the beautiful grained patterns.

Olive wood dishes, scoops, ladles, spatulas & more! Hello! Happiness

Handcrafted by artisans. Beautiful objects with purpose! 

Small square dish perfect for salt and/or dipping sauce.

Small teaspoon a must for your Fleur de Sel that hasn't ever touched metal! 

Paddle spoon perfect length and strength for scraping & stirring.

Small scoop & ladle (12")...well just so incredible, unique & beautiful!!!

Mortar & pestle: handcrafted, rustic, unique & beautiful:) perfect to hand crush fresh spices such as saffron, caraway, coriander, anise; makes an exquisite gift! outer diameter (4.5"); inner diameter (3.6"); height (4"); depth (3"); pestle length (5")

Hand wash only. Occasionally coat with organic olive oil. Avoid soaking, as well as direct exposure to heat and sunlight.