Organic Cotton Makeup Rounds

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Throughout my journey I became determined to find the most impeccable ingredients possible so that I could cultivate the healthiest life possible. Along the way I've met the most inspiring farmers and artisans who pay attention to even the tiniest details in order to produce with the utmost integrity for the benefit of humans and the environment.

These tiny GOTS-certified organic cotton face rounds for makeup removal are the perfect example! They use a solar-powered knitting machine to create their own organic cotton "fabric" (made with California-grown and South Carolina-spun organic cotton thread!) to then be hand cut into tiny circles in order to have one side as a pattern for beauty and as a texture for exfoliation! Genius little details and belongings that all add up to the most beautiful, delicious, softest natural life! Hello! Health and Happiness 

GOTS-certified organic cotton face rounds for makeup removal.

Set of 5.

One side is:

-100% organic cotton

-knit using solar powered knitting machine

-organic cotton thread grown in California & spun in South Carolina

-the pattern was designed to look beautiful on your counter and feel comfortable on your face

-use for gentle exfoliation

Other side is:

-softest organic cotton flannel

-handcut circles

-local seamstress sews them together

-living wages

-no one is harmed by creating this product

Use to remove makeup, apply toner, and as gentle exfoliation. Wash & dry with the rest of your laundry.