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Natural Zinc Oxide Tallow Balm - Pure & Tinted Variations for Holistic Sun Protection


Embrace the sun safely with our Natural Zinc Oxide Tallow Balm, available in Pure Unscented and Tinted versions, offering skin-safe, reef-safe, and nourishing protection for the whole family, crafted with the highest quality organic ingredients.

The Tinted version is enhanced with natural pigments and a blend of grounding essential oils, this version not only protects but also beautifies the skin, offering a subtle, healthy glow without the risk of photosensitivity, making it ideal for outdoor activities.

Our Zinc Oxide Tallow Balms are meticulously formulated to shield your skin from harsh solar rays while nourishing and regenerating. With a base of pasture-raised tallow known for its natural SPF properties and enriched with skin-soothing Calendula CO₂ extract, these balms provide effective UVA and UVB protection without relying on harmful chemicals or seed oils. The Pure Unscented version maintains simplicity and potency with just four ingredients, while the Masculin Feminin Tinted variant introduces natural French mineral pigments and a unique blend of essential oils for a gentle bronze hue and a grounding, unisex fragrance.

Organic and Regenerative Ingredients: From regeneratively-raised tallow to organic Calendula extract and extra-virgin olive oil, every component is selected for its purity, safety, and minimal environmental impact.
Non-Nano Zinc Oxide: Offering a physical barrier against the sun, our non-nano zinc oxide is uncoated, ensuring no nanoparticles are absorbed into the skin or the environment.
Eco-Conscious Packaging: Housed in a 60 ml jar, our balm is designed for minimal waste, supporting our commitment to sustainability and health.

Application: Apply liberally and frequently to exposed skin, reapplying as needed for continuous protection. The Pure Unscented is perfect for all skin types, including sensitive, while the Tinted variant offers additional complexion evening and insect repellent benefits.
Safety Note: While our balms are formulated for safety and efficacy, the FDA has not evaluated them as sunscreens. The Tinted version's essential oils are carefully chosen to avoid photosensitivity, ensuring safety across various skin types.