Natural Rubber Flip-Flops

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I've been wearing natural rubber flip-flops for several summers now. I remember reading Mark Sisson's recommendation about wearing natural footwear rather than over-designed shoes that actually cause harm to our bodies. It was so different than what I had always thought but the more natural I became the happier I was, so I trusted this would be no different. I also remember reading that the soles of our feet are most susceptible to toxins because they so easily absorb whatever they touch.  

Then, when I was researching hiking the Camino pilgrimage trail in Spain, so many sources said to wear what you normally wear hiking. I really didn't think I could actually hike a 550 mile pilgrimage in flip-flops but after seeing sketches of pilgrims from hundreds of years before I noticed they were wearing flip-flop-like sandals and some were even barefoot. At that moment I knew it was possible! So, I decided to wear flip-flops! 550 miles, 31 days and flip-flops! I did it:)