Mud Mask

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Mineral-rich Peruvian Fango mud mask exfoliates, clears pores, helps hydrate and reduce fine lines for smoother, polished skin.

A mud mask was one of Cleopatra's beauty secrets. Now it's yours!

Helps polish & smooth skin

Gently exfoliates dead skin cells

Re-hydrates at the deepest layer of your skin

Helps unclog, cleanse & tightens pores

Mineralizes skin cells

Located in a secret region of Peru, Peruvian Fango mud is pure, untouched and additive-free. Gently mixed with finely ground Himalayan crystal salt. Packed with 84 minerals, it's a nutritional goldmine for your face and body!

Directions: Wet your skin and gently sweep a thin layer of mud onto your face and neck and wait until the mud dries. Wash off. Use 2x a week for maximum benefits.

100% natural. No chemicals, dyes, added fragrances, toxins, parabens, or phthalates.

Includes only Peruvian Fango mud, Himalayan salt stones & Vivo Water.