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Energizing Solé Jar with Crystal Stones - for Hydration & Wellness


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Rejuvenate your body with our Sole Jar for a simple way to create a nourishing 84-mineral solution to restore balance and revitalize your body.


Introducing our NEW Solé Water Tonic, a simple and natural solution designed to hydrate and replenish your body. Our easy-to-use jar comes pre-filled with Himalayan Crystal Stones, ready to create a nourishing and energizing solution containing 84 essential ionic minerals. Simply add clean drinking water, cover with the included cork lid, and let it sit for 24 hours to create a concentrated, mineral-rich Solé Water.

Solé Water functions similarly to electrolyte drinks, replenishing lost minerals and rehydrating the body. Its 84 trace minerals provide numerous health benefits, including improved hydration, electrolyte balance, acid-alkaline regulation, blood pressure normalization, detoxification, intestinal cleansing, and metabolism support. Solé Water can be taken in the morning to rehydrate after a night's rest or after exercise to help replenish lost electrolytes. While most of its benefits are anecdotal, many advocates report better sleep, increased energy, fewer allergies, and an improved mood. Solé Water is safe for children, pets, and the whole family.

To create Solé Water, simply add clean drinking water to the jar containing the Crystal Stones, and let it sit for 24 hours. Afterward, enjoy the benefits of Solé Water by mixing a teaspoon (use 1/2 teaspoon for children & pets) of the liquid into your morning glass of water, or use it to rehydrate after exercise or on hot days. Our Solé Water Jar is the perfect addition to your kitchen counter, making it convenient to access and serving as a daily reminder to nourish your body with this revitalizing tonic.