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Wild Pumice Stone for Premium Skin Care - Limited Supply

Embrace a more natural lifestyle with our hand-gathered, sustainably-harvested wild pumice stone - perfect for revitalizing your skin.

Our wild pumice stone is perfect for a variety of uses in your bath, kitchen, workshop, or art studio, with its time-honored ability to gently file away foot calluses and restore skin suppleness.

These rare stones, sourced from a wild creek, are becoming increasingly difficult to find due to encroaching landowners. Don't miss out on the chance to bring nature into your self-care routine and create a beautiful, inspiring environment.

Unlike most marketed pumice stones that are crushed and reformed, our true grit stones are exactly as they're found in nature, offering unmatched abrasive power.

-Hand-gathered from a wild creek; durable and long-lasting with proper care.

-Avoid use on inflamed or sensitive skin; may scratch porcelain & stainless steel.

Directions: Soften skin by soaking, wet stone, and scrub gently, increasing pressure as needed. Rinse frequently to remove dead skin. Remove thicker calluses gradually.

Care: Soak in hot soapy water to unclog residue buildup, scrub with a wire brush, and rinse frequently. Handle with care to avoid fractures. Dry in the sun for natural purification.

Caution: Some stones may have sharp craters. Use mindfully and understand that these stones are exactly as found in nature.