Pumice Stone

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Hand-gathered, sustainably-harvested wild pumice stone for natural skin care. Durable, well-kept stone can last years. Stones hand gathered from wild creek.

Natural whole pumice is useful in bath, kitchen, workshop, art studio - wherever a serious abrasive hand tool is wanted. While stones can be purchased for any use, they're gathered with natural skin care in mind.

From the farm: Scrubbing foot calluses with real pumice is a time honored way to file calluses. Not all pumice is born equal. Most marketed pumice is crushed and reformed, compromising abrasion. Shasta Pumice is true grit. It's able, over time, to smooth the most difficult skin and restore healthy skin suppleness. 

Callus removal: Soak and lather well to soften skin. Wet stone. Finding smoothest work face or point, scrub gently, increasing pressure as attune to process. Rinse often to slough away dead skin- pumice works with liquid. Remove thicker calluses over time.

Pumice care: To unclog residue buildup, soak in hot soapy water. Scrub with wire brush, rinsing often. Handle with care; rocks can fracture if dropped. Dry in sun to purify, re-energize and restore buoyancy.

Cautions: Sharp craters on some. Always use mindfully.
This pumice is exactly as found in nature, so no warranty
can be made. Do no use on inflamed skin, esp. severe heal cracks; grit will irritate. May scratch porcelain and stainless steel.