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Early Harvest High-Polyphenol Olive Oil - Robust Flavor & Exceptional Health Boost


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Experience the vibrant taste and health-enhancing properties of our Early Harvest high-polyphenol olive oil, crafted entirely from green olives for a unique flavor profile.

Indulge in this exquisite Early Harvest olive oil, showcasing a well-balanced, robust flavor with artichoke-grassy notes and a beautiful green color. Sourced from green olives harvested in October, this oil offers a high concentration of polyphenols, imparting a slightly bitter taste compared to the milder Fall Harvest variety.

Savor the health benefits of this high-polyphenol olive oil, supported by the Journal of the National Cancer Institute and Harvard Health. Its abundant antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties promote heart health, lower LDL cholesterol, and reduce risks of various diseases. Embrace the Mediterranean diet's benefits, featuring the rich flavors of European-produced olive oil.

Perfect for drizzling over mozzarella cheese, bruschetta, or fresh seafood, it adds an exquisite touch to any dish you prepare.

This glass bottled olive oil is carefully stored in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks to ensure optimal quality. Add it generously to your daily cooking for maximum health benefits and to enjoy the vibrant, grassy flavor. Transform your cuisine and well-being with this distinctive Early Harvest high-polyphenol olive oil.