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Organic Farm-Direct Dried Lavender Bundles

Discover the natural beauty and aromatic splendor of our Organic Dried Lavender Bundles, perfect for crafting, decorating, and adding a touch of elegance to any occasion

Sourced directly from the farm, these bundles are meticulously crafted from freshly harvested True Grosso Lavender stems (Lavandula × intermedia 'Grosso') and English Lavender Stems (Lavandula x angustifolia), carefully arranged and dried to preserve their beauty and aroma. Ideal for creating lavender arrangements, wreaths, bouquets, and decorations, each bundle is a celebration of nature's tranquility and the art of sustainable farming. With over 250 stems per bundle, these dried lavender bundles provide a versatile and organic option for enhancing your home's ambiance or adding a special touch to events and crafts.

Organic and Sustainable: Grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, our lavender promotes a healthy, sustainable ecosystem.

Aromatic Benefits: Lavender's calming scent is known to reduce stress and promote relaxation, making these bundles not just a visual but also a therapeutic addition to your space.

Natural and Sustainable: Committed to whole, natural, and sustainable practices, our lavender is 100% certified organic, ensuring you receive the purest product direct from the farm.

Supporting Bees and Local Farms: Inspired by the industriousness and creativity of bees, the farm donates 3% of all profits to various non-profits benefiting bees and local small farms, making your purchase a part of a larger effort to spread joy and support sustainability.

Care: Dried lavender bouquets are long-lasting; buds retain their scent for years and can be refreshed by gently rubbing. Note: Bright light may fade the buds.

Did You Know? It's natural for lavender buds to drop off due to the thousands contained in each bundle. Collect any fallen buds to enjoy their fragrance in potpourri mixes, sachets, or as a calming addition to baths, ensuring every part of your lavender is cherished and utilized.

More Ideas for Lavender's Many Uses:

Versatile Decor: Whether displayed in vases, crafted into wreaths, or used as wedding accents, dried lavender transforms spaces with its enduring beauty and calming scent.

Sleep Enhancement: Place sachets near pillows to aid relaxation and promote better sleep.

Wardrobe Freshener: Lavender's natural moth-repelling properties keep clothes fresh and protected. Also try adding a sachet to your dryer for freshening laundry.

Insect Deterrent: Strategically placed near windows, lavender wards off unwanted insects.

Culinary Flair: Culinary-grade, organic lavender adds a unique flavor to dishes and beverages.

Eco-Friendly Confetti: Opt for biodegradable lavender buds for a memorable and sustainable wedding detail.

Creative Gift-Wrapping: Adorn gifts with lavender for a special touch.