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Heirloom Mayan Loofah: 100% Zero-Waste, Compostable & Unprocessed for Toxin-Free Luxury in Kitchen & Bath


Embrace sustainable living and pamper yourself with our heirloom Mayan loofah – the ultimate eco-friendly choice for your kitchen and bath.

Discover the extraordinary benefits of our heirloom loofah, handcrafted by a single Mayan family farm in the tropical paradise of Guatemala. This exceptional, 100% zero-waste loofah is unprocessed, unbleached, and single-origin, offering unparalleled eco-friendly luxury for your kitchen and bath.


Made from 100% plant fiber, these loofahs effortlessly compost within 30 days in your garden, and even the paper label can be composted! Watch as they expand when wet, enhancing their usability and effectiveness.

Indulge in toxin-free luxury with versatile applications, such as washing your face in the shower, cleaning dishes, applying body soap, exfoliating skin, or scrubbing sinks, tiles, and tubs. Replace your loofah every 3-5 weeks, depending on usage, to maintain optimal hygiene and performance.