Compostable Loofah (6-pack)

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Not your ordinary loofah! Unprocessed, heirloom loofah for kitchen and bath. 100% zero-waste, compostable, single-origin, unbleached, unprocessed, raw.

These beautiful toxin-free loofah are traditionally made by a single Mayan family farm in the tropics of Guatemala. They are grown without chemicals and are completely unprocessed.

They are 100% plant fiber and completely compost within 30 days in the garden. The paper label can be composted too! Loofah expand when wet.

My favorite use is washing my face in the shower! Toxin-free luxury! Other uses include washing dishes, applying body soap, exfoliating skin, cleaning sinks, tile, tubs. Change loofah every 3-5 weeks depending on usage. Love you, Laura:)