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Premium Borosilicate Glass Baby Bottle - Made in France


Safeguard your baby's health with our Premium Borosilicate Glass Baby Bottles, offering a safer, purer, and more sustainable feeding solution than plastic, free from harmful chemicals and microplastics.

Introducing our Premium Borosilicate Glass Baby Bottles, a superior feeding choice for your little one. These bottles are crafted in France from pharmaceutical-grade borosilicate glass, a material renowned for its purity and higher quality compared to standard glass baby bottles.

Available in 3.5 oz or 8 oz, these bottles are designed to withstand extreme temperature changes like boiling or freezing, making them dishwasher safe and thermal shock-resistant. The bottle nipples, made in Italy from 100% natural rubber, closely simulate the comforting feel of breastfeeding.

Our Glass Baby Bottles prioritize your baby's health and the environment. They are free of BPA/BPS, phthalates, polycarbonates, and PVC - harmful chemicals that can leach from plastic bottles. Moreover, they reduce the risk of your baby ingesting microplastic particles, a common issue with plastic bottles.

The bottles feature an anti-colic double valve for an even milk flow, preventing colic and gas. Each bottle comes with a slow-flow nipple, ensuring a comfortable feeding experience for your baby. With our Glass Baby Bottles, you choose a healthier feeding solution and contribute to a greener planet.

Using and caring for your Premium Borosilicate Glass Baby Bottle is simple. Fill the bottle with milk or formula and attach the nipple securely. The slow-flow nipple closely simulates breastfeeding, making it easier for your baby to feed.

To clean, place the bottle in the dishwasher or wash by hand with mild soap and warm water. The thermal shock-resistant design means you can also sterilize the bottle by boiling. Ensure the bottle is thoroughly dry before storing it.

The beauty of our Glass Baby Bottle lies in its clear, clean design and the health benefits in its toxin-free, hypoallergenic properties. By choosing our Premium Borosilicate Glass Baby Bottles, you are opting for a healthier baby, a greener planet, and supporting sustainable manufacturing practices.