As I thought about every aspect of protecting my health and then transformed my life to all natural products, I realized that I had unknowingly become zero-waste and plastic free! The toxins in plastic are wreaking havoc on human health and for all species. Microplastics are becoming part of the food chain through air, water, and soil. As I work to protect my nutrition, I am realizing that my health depends on our collective health as humans! Please consider investing in plastic-free storage solutions! They are beautiful, well built, long lasting, safe items that bring so much happiness & health to humanity!

Your Purchase Makes a Difference

toxin-free baskets save over 22,000 bags in a lifetime

going glass saves 14 million tons of plastic trash/year

“Although the size of the plastic waste problem is frightening, the numbers tell us that small actions can make big impacts.” Rebecca Prince-Ruiz

#SayNoToPlastic #TakeThePledge #PlasticFreeLiving

Daily exposures to toxins (including plastics) are wreaking havoc on our health: obesity, cancer, infertility, diabetes, asthma, birth defects, diseases & more!

SMALL SHIFTS offer effortless solutions to toxin-free & plastic-free living that have an enormous impact on human health.

“reducing our exposure to hormone disrupters is a very simple step people can take to lower the risk of harm"

#LoveMyFamily #SafeProductsForAll #DoNoHarm