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We Are All Made of Cells

We Are All Made of Cells

There's no getting around the biological fact that WE ARE ALL MADE OF CELLS and our cells interact with EVERYTHING they come into contact with: food, air, water, clothing, household items, earth, animals, invisible microbes EVERYTHING! So, we are only as healthy as what we allow our cells to come into contact with! 

So you might be thinking: "What does that mean for me? For my family?" In our modern world with so many wonderful inventions and technologies, what it means for all of us is that we have a lot more considering to do. 

From now on, CONSIDER the world as you navigate it! It is a fun game for all of us! What exactly is that? What is that made of? What are those particles? What are those ingredients? Is that something natural? Is that manmade? Is this safe? Could this harm my health?

Use your senses too! Start looking at items and smelling items. If your nose smells something dangerous, the nose KNOWS to keep your cells away from it! And remember, lots of everyday items have HIDDEN ingredients like obesogens (chemicals that cause obesity and other health issues) or fire retardants (extremely toxic and harmful to humans) or forever chemicals (that persist FOREVER continually harming humans) or more!

The easiest route is to keep things natural. Just like our food, if you can't see and smell that this item comes from a natural material then it might just be safest to avoid contact with it. It's as easy as inviting your WONDER and AWE as you go through life! Thinking about each person, object, and item as you meander on your way makes life safe and fun! 

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