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Victorian Era-Inspired, Adjustable Brass Pour-Over Stand with Handmade Glass Cone

Experience the perfect blend of aesthetics and function with our Adjustable Brass Pour-Over Stand and Handmade Glass Cone, a unique fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern brewing precision.

Discover a brewing experience like no other with our Adjustable Brass Pour-Over Stand and Handmade Glass Cone, meticulously crafted to harmonize elegance and functionality. The stand, made of solid brass, marries the allure of Victorian design with practicality. The brass arm and rod adjust to the height you need, accommodating a wide range of mugs and decanters.

The stand’s brilliance is further accentuated with a handmade glass cone, crafted with exceptional precision and care in Japan. This cone rests snugly within the ring of the stand, bringing an element of minimalist sophistication to your brewing ritual. In addition, the stand's design is versatile enough to accommodate a myriad of other pour-over cones and bases, catering to your evolving brewing needs.

The robust base of the stand, also forged from solid brass, can conveniently perch atop popular scales including Acaia Lunar and Hario, enabling precise control over your brew. With a base measuring approximately 4 3/4" wide x 5 1/2" deep and a total height of around 10.5", the stand fits effortlessly into most kitchen environments.

Our Adjustable Brass Pour-Over Stand and Handmade Glass Cone are not just a testament to premium craftsmanship, but also to our commitment towards health and sustainability. The solid brass and glass are free from harmful toxins often found in plastic alternatives, ensuring a healthier brew each time. Durability is a key feature of these materials, promising longevity and reducing replacement and waste, thereby contributing to a more sustainable world.

Enhance your brew while respecting the environment by pairing this stand and cone with our separately available Zero Waste Organic Linen Coffee Filter, your key to a comprehensive, toxin-free coffee making solution.

Our pour-over stand and cone demand simple maintenance for their elegant shine and superior function to last. The brass stand can be kept lustrous with a soft cloth. The glass cone, while delicate in appearance, is easy to clean with warm water or can be safely placed in a dishwasher. Before each use, adjust the ring and arm for your preferred mug or decanter size. Place the base atop your choice of scale for accurate measurements, leading to a perfectly balanced brew every time.