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Plant-Dyed Yoga Mat - Experience Nature's Essence in Every Breath


Elevate your yoga practice with our exquisite Handwoven Organic Cotton Yoga Mats, naturally dyed & infused with Ayurvedic herbs from UNESCO forests, for a healthier lifestyle.

Discover the perfect harmony of nature and wellness with our Organic Plant-Dyed Yoga Mats. Handcrafted by skilled artisans in India, these mats combine ancient fabric dyeing techniques and Ayurvedic herbs from the world's most pristine UNESCO forests to deliver a truly unique and environmentally friendly yoga experience.

- 100% Organic Cotton: Premium, toxin-free materials for a safe practice

- Plant-Dyed & Handwoven: Utilizing a 5000-year-old Indian fabric dyeing technique

- Zero-Waste & Biodegradable: Designed with the environment in mind

- Ethical & Fair Trade: Supporting artisans and preserving ancient craftsmanship

- Eco-Conscious Processes: Rainwater harvesting, solar heating, and soil replenishment

- Washing: Hand or machine wash (gentle cycle) with mild detergent

- Drying: Avoid direct sunlight to preserve the vibrant plant-dyed colors & effectiveness of the herbs

- Frequency: every mat has an antiseptic herb infused into the fabric that keeps the mat clean so typically, washing may only be required once or twice a month

- Grip & Comfort: Unique natural rubber mesh for secure floor grip and added grip lines for hands and feet

- 6' x 2.5'