Palo Santo

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Sacred wood consciously gathered from naturally-fallen Palo Santo (Bursera graveolens) wood from dry forest floors with the highest degree of integrity and respect. The sustainable practice involves letting a tree grow old, die of natural causes and eventually falls to the forest floor. The tree remains there untouched for several years which allows the oils within to create a rich, refined, pleasant and precious aroma.   

-certified ethical origin

-collection practices support dry forestland conservation

-Palo Santo trade has brought greater awareness to their dry forestlands and their continued preservation efforts

-aligning with ethically-driven companies helps them support conservation and reforestation; these projects help long-term sustainable management of the dry forest

-these projects also help the ethical economic empowerment of the native communities who steward their native forestlands creating a full-circle, holistic system of conscious trade

-living trees are not ever cut

-regenerative harvest model (planting new trees annually; protecting living Palo Santo trees to help conserve the biodiversity of the dry forest)

-Palo Santo in Spanish means "Holy Wood - Tree of Life"

-although there are many sources that say Palo Santo is endangered, it is in fact listed as "Least Concern" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature meaning that the Palo Santo population is stable and not endangered

-it is still important to buy Palo Santo that has been ethically and sustainably sourced

-for many years Palo Santo was harvested by deforestation which reduced local people's sources of income

-if it is harvested without removal of trees from fallen branches and/or trees it leaves the forest unharmed

-before buying Palo Santo, make sure it was responsibly produced; this helps preserve the Palo Santo species and the livelihood of the native peoples


1. light the stick 

2. hold downward at a 45-degree angle

3. let the stick burn for 30 seconds

4. blow out the flame and place the stick in a heatproof dish to let it burn

Please do not leave burning incense unattended.