Organic Cotton Glass Water-Bottle Holder

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Switching to a glass water bottle has been such a monumental decision in cultivating my health! It feels glorious knowing that I am not harming myself by drinking out of plastic! When I first switched to glass it felt very precarious carrying the unprotected glass bottle. After searching for a toxin-free solution for many months, I learned that many people in Europe make glass bottle holders to easily carry the bottle while protecting it at the same time! My beautiful and extremely talented friend @andeearaefiberart surprised me with this version of organic cotton cord!!! I've had mine for almost two years now and it goes with me everywhere!!! ToxyFree is so lucky to be able to offer these organic beauties to you! #genius #soeasy #toxyfree #thankyousomuch

Strong, durable, long-lasting, handmade, organic cotton water bottle holders to accompany the glass water bottles! Designed by ToxyFree for you! #plasticfree