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Natural Wool Blend Socks - The Pinnacle of Sustainable Comfort

Step into the world of sustainable luxury with our Natural Wool Blend Socks, crafted for unparalleled warmth and durability. These heavy-knit socks, made from the finest natural fibers, offer a cozy embrace for your feet, perfect for those seeking eco-friendly, chemical-free comfort.

Material: A unique blend of 65% untreated sheep wool and 35% untreated alpaca wool, creating a perfect balance of warmth and strength. These thick, natural socks are free from chemical treatments and synthetic materials (except for a few elastane strands on top for fit until the artisans can find a biodegradable alternative), ensuring they are gentle on your skin and healthy for everyday wear. Their breathable fibers prevent odor and reduce sweat, unlike synthetic alternatives, making them a perfect choice for comfortable sleepwear or daily activities.

Health Benefits: Free from synthetic materials and chemical treatments, these socks are kind to your skin, preventing odors and sweat, unlike synthetic alternatives.

Sustainability: Sourced from small family-run businesses in Italy and New Zealand, materials are chosen for their high standards of animal welfare and natural cultivation, bypassing the need for questionable certifications.

Made with Care: Each pair is crafted with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring a high-quality, sustainable product that aligns with TOXYFREE's ethos.

Elastane Use: A minimal amount of elastane is used for optimal fit. In case of allergies or concerns about its environmental impact, the elastane can be removed and returned to us for recycling, as the artisans strive to find a biodegradable alternative.

Washing Instructions: To preserve the natural properties of the wool, we recommend handwashing. Avoid tumble drying, dry cleaning, ironing, or bleaching.

Drying Tips: Simply hang to dry, allowing the socks to maintain their shape and texture.

Footwear Tips: To extend the life of your socks, ensure your shoes' insoles are smooth and well-maintained as well as taking good care of your feet to prevent snags and tears on your socks.

Usage Advice: Wear your wool socks once every 2-3 days, allowing them to naturally recover and smooth out wrinkles. No need for frequent washing.

Storage Tips: place cedar balls, lavender or other natural moth protecting materials with your socks during storage.