Natural Rubber Pet Toys

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Not wanting to give our puppies toxic toys, we were left with bones and organic hemp rope. While researching products for ToxyFree, we found these super cute, fun, safe and squeaky (but not loud) pet toys. Our dogs have so much fun chasing, biting and shaking these cute toys all day. Hello❣️Happiness

- 100% natural rubber (latex)

- Made from 100% natural rubber from the sap of Hevea brasiliensis trees

- Handmade

- Meets the same safety standards as baby toys

- Squeakers are intentionally not as loud as other dog toys (loud enough to dogs yet not annoying to humans)

- Perfect for puppies and small to medium size dogs

- Fun, floppy, and easy for dogs to grasp

- Soft natural rubber is easy on teeth

- Not made for aggressive chewers

-artisanal process

-painted with food grade dyes