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Swedish Botanical Matchboxes - Illuminate Your Moments Sustainably


Embrace the harmony of nature and utility with our Swedish Botanical Matchboxes, featuring beautifully illustrated botanical motifs and sustainably sourced materials for an eco-conscious choice.

Elevate your candle-lighting experience with our Swedish Botanical Matchboxes. Adorned with intricate botanical motifs inspired by the works of C.A.M. Lindman (1856-1928), these matchboxes are as beautiful as they are practical. Each match measures 3.75", perfect for lighting multiple candles or kindling log fires.

These matches are not just ordinary fire starters. They are crafted with care, honoring a 150-year tradition in Sweden. Made from Swedish aspen timber, one of the most prevalent deciduous trees in Sweden, our matches are strong, elastic, and resistant to breakage upon striking. This unique timber, known for its white hue and tough fibers, thrives in nutrient-rich soil and light conditions, making it ideal for match production.

Every piece of wood used in our matches is Swedish aspen, the regrowth of which outpaces its consumption. All logging activities comply with Swedish forestry law and have maintained FSC-certification since 2009.

More than 90% of the matches and matchboxes are made from renewable materials, with no heavy metals involved in the process. To minimize carbon emissions, the transport of the majority of goods is by train, and consciously choose local aspen.

Did you know that Sweden is among the most forested nations globally, with 70% of its surface cloaked in trees? These forests provide fresh air, clean water, and help reduce CO2 emissions. For every tree felled, at least two new ones are planted, doubling Swedish forestry stocks in less than a century and making these forests a sustainable, renewable resource.

Use our Swedish Botanical Matchboxes to bring light and warmth to your moments, secure in the knowledge that you're supporting a legacy of sustainability. Store in a cool, dry place and use responsibly.

Ignite your moments with our Swedish Botanical Matchboxes, where every spark celebrates the sustainable beauty of Swedish forests.