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Premium Hand-Mined Himalayan Crystal Salt - 84 Trace Minerals


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Elevate your health and culinary experience with our 100% natural, hand-mined Himalayan Crystal Salt, sourced from a pristine location high in the Himalayas and packed with 84 essential minerals.

Introducing our Premium Hand-Mined Himalayan Crystal Salt, the healthiest and most flavorful choice for your cooking and seasoning needs. Unlike common grocery store salt, our salt is carefully extracted by hand from a remote location in the Himalayan foothills, ensuring the preservation of its 84 essential trace minerals.

Unlike common grocery store salt, our salt is carefully extracted and transported by donkeys along dirt mountain roads to their facility, where it undergoes a meticulous process of cleaning, hand-sorting, and stone-grinding using traditional methods. This process preserves the salt's 84 minerals, such as calcium, potassium, iron, and magnesium.

Our Himalayan Crystal Salt is responsibly hand-mined and hand-packed locally, minimizing our carbon footprint and supporting local communities. Unlike commercial salt mining methods, we avoid the use of explosives and metal grinders, ensuring the safety of both workers and the environment. This results in a high-quality, metal-free product that promotes a healthy pH balance, provides natural electrolytes, and supports your overall well-being.

We recommend using a ceramic salt grinder for the Coarse Granulated Salt. For the Fine Granulated Salt, simply use it as you would any table salt in your salt shaker. Our versatile Himalayan Crystal Salt is perfect for all your cooking, baking, and seasoning needs. With a generous 1kg (2.2lb) pack size, our Himalayan Crystal Salt will last the average person an entire year, offering a cost-effective and healthy choice for your pantry.