Handmade Table Brush Set

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Using traditional brush binding techniques and made by visually impaired artisans, these all-natural handmade wooden brushes will last years and will age beautifully! Sustainable materials. Made in Sweden and Estonia. Beautiful belongings. Useful and purposeful.

Sweep up table crumbs in style.

-oil-treated beech

-horsehair bristles (plastic/synthetic free)

-withstands water well

Set includes small handmade table brush with wooden dustpan. A work of art!

After use: clean the brush by shaking. To reshape bristles: wet in lukewarm water and reshape. Shake excess water and hang to dry. Clean the wood with a damp cloth and wipe dry.

Usually not necessary for many years but condition the wood with organic food-grade oil with a cloth taking care not to oil the bristles.