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Elegant Handmade Wooden Table Brush Set - Stylish, Sustainable, and Health-Conscious Crumb Cleanup


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Transform your table cleaning with our Elegant Handmade Wooden Table Brush Set, featuring traditional craftsmanship, all-natural materials, and an eco-friendly design for a beautiful and purposeful addition to your home.

Introducing our Elegant Handmade Wooden Table Brush Set, made with traditional brush binding techniques by visually impaired artisans in Sweden and Estonia. Crafted from oil-treated beech wood and horsehair bristles, this sustainable, plastic-free brush set is not only a work of art but also a durable and practical solution for sweeping up table crumbs with style. The set includes a small handmade table brush and a wooden dustpan, designed to last for years and age beautifully.

Choosing our all-natural handmade wooden table brush set supports sustainable materials, traditional craftsmanship, and visually impaired artisans. This eco-friendly alternative eliminates plastic waste, avoids toxic chemicals found in plastic brushes, and prevents health harm caused by microplastic shedding from synthetic options. Embrace the beauty of responsible, purposeful belongings with our stylish and sustainable table brush set.

After use, clean the brush by shaking and reshaping the bristles, if needed, by wetting them in lukewarm water. Shake off excess water and hang to dry. Clean the wood with a damp cloth and wipe dry. To condition the wood, apply organic food-grade oil with a cloth, avoiding the bristles. To clean the brush thoroughly, dip it in boiling water with a few drops of organic cleaner, stirring and repeating as necessary. Beat out the water and let the brush dry, preferably hanging.

Weight: 3 oz and Dimensions: 5.5" x 4.5" x .75"