Handmade Pan Cleaning Brush

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After deciding I wanted to be the healthiest person I could possibly be and then learning I could do that by traditionally cooking nutrient-dense food, I experienced ultimate joy in knowing I was doing everything possible to be the best version of myself.

I found myself spending more and more time in the kitchen to produce such accelerated wellness through eating and preparing nutrient-dense food. As I focused more and more time, energy and resources into this new way of living, I knew with certainty I didn't want other choices in my life to counter the nutrients I was working so diligently to protect. I started to reconsider each purchase and look for natural alternatives to necessary belongings.

These most beautiful handmade FSC-certified maple wood cleaning brushes with sustainable tampico bristles are a perfect example! Their beauty and utility make cleaning dishes, pots and pans a joy in the kitchen without bringing any toxic, synthetic materials into the kitchen! #hellohappiness