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Handmade Natural Unglazed Clay Tiny Face Cup or Vase


Dive into the rustic charm of our Handmade Natural Unglazed Clay Collection, where each piece, from planters to dishes, bears the unique scorch marks of pit firing, representing an authentic bond with Mother Earth.

Our Handmade Natural Unglazed Clay Collection is a true celebration of traditional Mexican craftsmanship. Each piece is fashioned from natural barro rojo (red clay), carefully shaped by hand, and pit fired, resulting in unique scorch markings that imbue every item with a distinct character.

This collection includes an array of pieces for your home or office, such as planters, vases, vessels, bowls, dishes, and more. Each unglazed piece radiates an earthy charm, offering a beautiful and functional work of art that tells a story.

Choosing our Handmade Natural Unglazed Clay Collection signifies your commitment to sustainable living and support for traditional artisanal techniques. These pieces, made from natural clay, are free from harmful chemicals typically found in mass-produced ceramics.

The clay is responsibly sourced and processed using time-honored techniques that have minimal environmental impact. The pit firing process results in unique scorch marks, making each piece a one-of-a-kind testament to the beauty of natural imperfection.

To care for these unglazed clay pieces, avoid using harsh detergents. Instead, clean with warm water and mild soap, and allow them to air dry. The beauty of each piece lies in its unique scorch markings, a testament to its handmade origin, and the health benefits lie in the natural, toxin-free material. With our Handmade Natural Unglazed Clay Collection, you can bring a piece of the Earth's beauty into your home while also taking a step towards healthier and more sustainable living.