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Elegant FSC-Certified Oiled Birch & Horsehair Glass Brush - Beautiful, Eco-friendly, and Health-Conscious Glass Cleaning


Experience a luxurious touch in your glass cleaning with our Elegant FSC-Certified Oiled Birch & Horsehair Glass Brush, designed to bring beauty, sustainability, and health benefits to your daily routine.

Introducing our Elegant FSC-Certified Oiled Birch & Horsehair Glass Brush, skillfully handcrafted using responsibly sourced oiled birch wood and soft horsehair bristles. This exquisite dish brush not only adds a touch of sophistication to your cleaning routine but also effectively cleans your glassware without scratching delicate surfaces. Its round shape makes it ideal for washing various glass items, while also serving as a beautiful addition to your sink area.

Choosing our FSC-certified oiled birch wood and horsehair glass brush supports responsible forest management, promotes traditional craftsmanship, and eliminates plastic waste. This sustainable alternative not only lasts a long time but also avoids the toxic chemicals found in plastic brushes and the health harm caused by microplastic shedding from synthetic options. Embrace a cleaner environment and a healthier home by switching to our eco-friendly glass brush.

To get the most out of your glass brush, use it with warm water and mild dish soap to clean your glassware gently. After each use, rinse the brush thoroughly and allow it to dry with the bristles facing down to prevent water from flowing into the wood. Clean the brush by adding a small amount of mild soap to your palm and swirling the brush in it, then rinse and let it dry. If the wood starts to feel dry, you can oil it with our organic wood conditioner or another food-safe oil.

Weight: 2.29 oz
Height: 8.66"
Diameter: 2.95"