Handcrafted Toilet Brush

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Whenever I order products for ToxyFree, I always imagine needing to buy hundreds of each item. I especially thought I would need hundreds or thousands of this handmade toilet brush because why wouldn't every household want one? This beautiful and affordable brush is the perfect solution for shifting away from plastic and toxins. It is soooo easy! Let's #startamovement and #bethechange and have to reorder every week:)

Our single handcrafted toilet brush is made with untreated beech wood and natural Tampico fibers extracted from the leaves of Agave plants. This affordable, sustainable option is the perfect solution to the outdated plastic versions.

-FSC-certified, locally-sourced beech wood

-natural Tampico (sisal) bristles

-ethically made in Europe

-small family-owned brush company in the Black Forest of Germany

-started over 140 years ago and one of the last remaining artisanal brush house factories in Germany

-using only natural, sustainable, ethically-sourced materials