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Artisanal Fair Trade Musave Wood Measuring Cups – Celebrate Purposeful Living with Beauty


Imbue your kitchen with purpose and joy with our hand-carved Musave Wood Measuring Cups & Spoons, a testament to artistry, functionality, and ethical sourcing.

Crafted meticulously in Rwanda, our measuring cups and spoons are an embodiment of joy, purpose, and conscientious living. Each set is hand-carved from the regenerative Musave tree, a testament to our commitment to sustainability. Natural wood is finished with local beeswax, olive oil, and vitamin E to ensure longevity and to preserve the organic beauty of each piece.

Every set is unique, varying slightly in shape, shade, and scoop measurements – reflective of the artisan's touch and the natural variations in wood grain. A set includes a 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup, and 1/4 cup measure, making it a versatile addition to your kitchen.

Your purchase contributes directly to the betterment of Rwandan artisans' lives, affected by the scars of genocide. Supporting Fair Trade, you're enabling these rural artisans to craft a path towards healing, recovery, and development. The partnering not-for-profit Fair Trade organization further supports this cause, facilitating adult literacy classes and other practical resources for well-being and growth.

Beyond societal impact, our measuring cups and spoons also promote health and sustainability. These utensils are finished with local beeswax, olive oil, and vitamin E, avoiding the use of toxins often found in treated wood, stains, chemical finishes, and coloring. This natural finish not only protects the utensils but also safeguards your health by eliminating potential exposure to harmful chemicals.

The use of wood from the regenerative Musave tree further emphasizes our commitment to sustainability. Unlike non-renewable materials, the regenerative nature of the Musave tree ensures that the creation of these tools does not deplete our planet's resources.

Your investment in these cups and spoons not only brings Fair Trade beauty into your kitchen but also provides artisans with the means to secure their families' health, nutrition, and education, helping them build a better future. Moreover, it assures you a healthier, toxin-free culinary experience while contributing to a more sustainable world.

Keep your Musave Wood Measuring Cups & Spoons in their best shape by hand washing them with mild soap and warm or cold water. Avoid soaking, bleach, hot water, and dishwashers. You can refinish the set as needed with a beeswax polish or organic olive oil.

Displaying these artisanal pieces on your kitchen wall not only makes them readily accessible, but also transforms your space into a stunning visual feast of sustainable, handcrafted art. Thank you for choosing our products and for supporting a purposeful and beautiful life.