Hand-Carved Wood Measuring Cups & Spoons

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As I slowly transitioned to natural belongings, I invested first in the most necessary objects. I quickly discovered the absolute freedom and joy of living with less and really using every belonging I owned. My life became more purposeful and focused and happy! I felt divine to invest in my health and purchase with purpose. The ultimate joy and happiness:)  

These hand-carved wood measuring cups & spoons are a perfect example. Artwork and function transforming space and bringing joy to the heart! We keep ours in a wall collage in the kitchen; easy access and impacting beauty all at once! Hello! Happiness

-hand-carved from the Musave tree that regrows after it's been cut!

-natural wood finished with local beeswax, olive oil & vitamin E

-unique, one-of-a-kind and may vary slightly in shape, shade, & scoop measurements based on the different cuts of wood used

-set includes 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup, and 1/4 cup

-Fair Trade

-made in Rwanda

-created for a beautiful life:)

-artisans offer high quality, ethically-sourced goods for life and gifting

-products are crafted by hand using local, natural, and renewable materials

INSTRUCTIONS FOR CARE: hand wash with mild soap and warm or cold water and avoid soaking, bleach, hot water & dishwasher. Can be refinished as needed with a beeswax polish or organic olive oil.

YOUR PURCHASE MAKES A DIFFERENCE: Thank you for bringing Fair Trade beauty into your kitchen! Rural artisans across the hills of Rwanda are working to bring hope to their families through sharing their skillfully-made handcrafted goods with the world. Artisans are using their craft for the purpose of healing, recovery, development and rising from the horrors of genocide. Thank you for joining them as they rebuild their nation, families and communities.

The Fair Trade, not-for-profit organization that partners with the Rwandan artisans additionally invests in facilitating adult literacy classes and other practical resources for well-being and growth.