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The Ultimate Fermentation Jar Kit - Sustainable, & Timeless


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Unleash the power of natural fermentation and enhance the health of your household with our Ultimate Fermentation Jar Kit, an easy-to-use, heirloom quality set designed to enrich your life with the timeless benefits of homemade fermented foods.

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Embrace the worldwide and age-old tradition of fermentation with our meticulously curated fermenting jar kit. The practice of fermenting foods at home offers a plethora of health benefits, including weight loss, bolstered immune function, enhanced mental wellbeing, and overall health improvement. Beyond health, home fermentation also allows for cost-saving, safer food options that capitalize on local, seasonal ingredients, making your meals even more nutritious.

Lacto-fermentation, in particular, introduces hundreds if not thousands of microbe species into your diet, a feat commercial probiotics, with only 10 to 20 species, can't match.

Our kit, manufactured with the finest materials, is designed to be an enduring part of your healthy home and family life.

Included in the Kit:

- A 1-liter jar crafted from the highest quality, durable glass by the renowned French company Le Parfait, which has been creating sustainable jars since 1930. The jar is designed with straight sides and an extra-wide opening for easy insertion and removal of ingredients. Its high-quality glass preserves flavors without affecting the taste of your food.
- A set of stainless steel components - moat & gasket, ring, cap, screw lid, sealing cap, press, and spring. All parts are dishwasher safe, non-reactive to salt or acid, and built to last, ensuring the longevity of your fermenting journey.

The Ultimate Fermentation Jar Kit is not just an assembly of tools; it's a gateway to a healthier lifestyle and a more sustainable way of consuming food. By facilitating home fermenting, this kit allows you to tap into the immense health benefits of fermented foods, which include improved gut health, weight management, and mental health enhancement.

Moreover, our kit promotes the use of seasonal, locally-sourced produce, which cuts down on carbon emissions related to transportation and reduces reliance on preservatives and artificial flavors.

To ensure the longevity of your Ultimate Fermentation Jar Kit, maintenance is straightforward and effortless. Warm water and gentle soap are all you need to keep your kit clean. All parts of the kit, including the stainless steel components, are dishwasher safe for added convenience. However, we recommend removing the gasket from the moat before washing the unit in the dishwasher. After cleaning, make sure all parts are thoroughly dry before storing them away to prevent any potential damage or degradation.

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