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Eco-Focused Desk Essentials Bundle


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Crafted for the environmentally-conscious individual, our Eco-Focused Desk Essentials Bundle unites plastic-free, toxin-free, and sustainably-sourced writing tools with the allure of traditional craftsmanship, for a healthier workspace and planet.

Say goodbye to disposable plastic tools and elevate your desk space with our meticulously curated set. This bundle houses:

100% Metal Miracle Pen: A statement of both style and sustainability, this pen promises longevity and health.

FSC-Certified Enviro-Green 7" Pencil: Embrace the true essence of nature while you sketch or write, reflecting a commitment to the planet.

Handheld Brass Pencil Sharpener: A marriage of durability and art, it brings precision to every sharpen.

Handmade Natural Unglazed Tiny Face Vase: A masterpiece from Mexico, it offers a unique vessel to keep your writing instruments while adding an earthy charm to your decor.

These pieces are not just tools, but symbols of a choice towards sustainable living and authentic craftsmanship.

Each item in this bundle was created with your health and our planet in mind:

Metal Miracle Pen: Totally plastic-free, this pen avoids the microplastic shedding and potential toxins found in conventional pens. Dr. Josh Axe's insights emphasize the dangers of such plastics, especially when considering the speed at which they can enter our system. This pen stands as a beacon of hope in a plastic-filled world.

FSC-Certified Pencil: The FSC certification ensures responsible sourcing, while the lacquer-free casing and degradable eraser promise minimal impact at the end of its lifespan.

Brass Sharpener: Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this sharpener avoids harmful chemicals often found in painted or coated finishes.

Unglazed Clay Vase: Handcrafted from natural clay, it's free from chemicals typically found in mass-produced ceramics. Supporting this craft also means uplifting traditional artisanal methods.

For your new desk essentials:

Pen: Care involves replacing the all-metal refill when needed.

Pencil: Sharpen using the brass sharpener. Once used up, the degradable eraser ensures minimum waste.

Sharpener: Develops a patina over time. Maintain its shine with regular polishing if desired.

Vase: Clean with warm water and let it air dry.

Elevate your desk, reduce your environmental footprint, and embrace health with our Eco-Focused Desk Essentials Bundle.