Desiccated Oyster

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Whole food supplements are real foods but in dried form. Sometimes modern people cannot eat "challenging" parts that have been sacred foods to so many cultures for their supreme health benefits. We offer you superfood whole food supplements to the rescue:)

DESICCATED OYSTER: 100% pure, nutrient dense oyster extract powder from the pristine Atlantic coastal waters of Ireland. Excellent source of naturally occurring Zinc from oysters and also a source of Copper, Selenium and Iodine from oyster.

-naturally sourced in a sustainable manner

-delivered and processed on the same day

-careful drying process to maintain the integrity of the nutrients

-no added vitamins or minerals; only natural bioavailable nutrients

-stable throughout shelf life and can be stored up to 3 years from production

-in and out of house (accredited) quality checks during production

-full traceability maintained (COAs available on request) 

-high in Zinc, vitamin B12, Copper, Iodine

-naturally occurring Selenium

-absolutely no GMOs, irradiation, fillers, colors, additives

-supports immune system, hair, skin, nails, vision, bones, energy-yielding metabolism for increased energy, cognitive health, nervous system, testosterone levels in the blood, fertility and reproduction, thyroid function, reduction of tiredness and fatigue

-one serving daily provides a remarkable: 45% of B12; 40% of Zinc; 32% of Copper, 16% of Iodine, 8-10% Selenium (all highly bioavailable because they are naturally occurring)

-can be used in food

-can be used in pet food

-used by Sally Fallon, author of Nourishing Traditions