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Eco-Friendly Copper Scrubbers (2-Pack) – Versatile, Long-lasting & Non-Scratch Cleaning Solution

Invest in our Eco-Friendly Copper Scrubbers (2-Pack) for a superior cleaning experience that's gentle on your surfaces and kind to the environment.

Introducing our highly-efficient Eco-Friendly Copper Scrubbers! This 2-pack of woven copper fiber scrubbers is designed to thoroughly yet gently clean various surfaces. Made from soft, fine copper threads, these scrubbers effectively remove persistent dirt and burnt residue without causing any scratches. Upgrade your cleaning routine with this versatile and eco-friendly solution that's perfect for pots, pans, sinks, stovetops, glass, high-grade steel, and more. Even remove layers of rust from cutlery or clean bikes, cars, and motorcycles with ease

Our Copper Scrubbers are made in Holland using 100% recyclable materials, ensuring an eco-friendly and sustainable product. By choosing these scrubbers, you're contributing to a greener and cleaner planet.

For best results, use the scrubbers in wet conditions only. They are double-layered for extra strength and designed to be extremely long-lasting. To clean, simply toss them in the washing machine at 60°C (inside a laundry sack or sock). Please note, these scrubbers are not suitable for use on Teflon or similar surfaces.

Dimensions & Weight:
Size: 3" x 2"
Weight: 20 g