Carbon Steel Pan

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I cannot remember how this pan came into my life but once it did it stayed and will stay! Before learning about nutrition, nutrient-dense food & cooking, I remember being mesmerized by the chef pans I would see in NYC or catch a glimpse of in a skilled kitchen. The beautiful patina seemed like an elite secret; how did people find pans like this and how could I get one?

This pan is the real deal and is traditionally-made & handcrafted in France by the same family since 1830! They believe in building pans to last and that contribute to the healthy diets of its users. #hallelujah

As with all health and happiness, this pan requires a commitment to its care and use. The care and use become meditative and a most rewarding achievement!  The more you use it, the darker and more non stick it will become! The only coating they add is beeswax to protect it from rusting during transportation to the consumer and then you easily remove the beeswax with hot water and a soft sponge! #hallelujah!!!!!

Please remember to always coat your pan with organic oil after cleaning to prevent rusting! I've done this:(

Carbon steel benefits:

-stand the test of time

-improve as they age

-become your most essential item

-with time through the seasoning process, the pans become one-of-a-kind pieces reflecting your progress as a chef & journey in the kitchen

-carbon steel is 99 parts iron to 1 part carbon

-they are lighter and less porous

-warms quickly and evenly

-retains heat well

-the more you use it, the darker it gets creating a pan of true excellence

-the film creates a natural, professional-grade nonstick surface

-the pan rewards you for your efforts over time: as it seasons with use, the pan becomes more and more nonstick and easier to clean (just deglaze your pan with water after use and wipe it with a clean, soap-free sponge)

-low to high-temperature cooking

-non-pro pan handle suitable for oven cooking for 10 minutes at 400F (pro pan handle is oven-safe)


-hand wash only

-PTFE and PFOA-free iron that undergoes environmentally-safe production methods

-lifetime warranty


Initial Seasoning: Wash with warm water & dry with a soft towel. Pour in 1/4" layer of organic oil (one with a high smoke point). Heat to smoking, pour out remaining oil, and wipe dry. It is now seasoned and ready to use.

Pans allow chefs to sear, stir, brown, and grill at high temperatures, both on the stove and in the oven.

ABOUT BEESWAX PROTECTION: prevents rusting during shipment; protects pans against oxidation and improves seasoned steel.


1. Remove the beeswax by scrubbing with hot water and a soft sponge. 

2. Pour a thin layer of oil (preferably with a high smoke point) at the bottom of the pan and apply slightly on sides too. Heat up.

3. Once the oil starts smoking, let it cool down on the side. Remove hot oil and let dry. Wipe down sides with oil and store in a dry place when done using.

ABOUT THE COMPANY: For 200 years, the value-driven company that makes the pans helps consumers achieve fulfillment by taking back control of their diets supporting a concept of cooking that requires time and effort. The award-winning company has been recognized by the French state for its traditional legacy, artisanal mastery, environmental promotion & protection, and assurance of employee well-being.