Carbon Steel Pan
Carbon Steel Pan
Carbon Steel Pan

Carbon Steel Pan

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Handcrafted pans made to last! Made by a family company in France since 1830. Carbon steel promises to stand the test of time, improve as they age, and become your most essential item. With time, carbon steel pans reflect the sensibilities of their users through the seasoning process. The pans progress as you do, and the end results are one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect back your journey in the kitchen.

Like cast iron, carbon steel is made of carbon and iron. The difference is in the ratio: carbon steel is made of 99 parts iron to 1 part carbon. The result is a lighter, less porous pan that warms quickly and evenly. Carbon steel retains its heat to envelope your meal at the perfect temperature.

Carbon steel’s story begins with an initial seasoning. Simply wash your new pan with warm water and dry with a soft towel. Then, pour in a quarter-inch layer of your favorite cooking oil, selecting one with a high smoke point. Heat to smoking before pouring out any remaining oil and wiping dry. Your new pan is now seasoned and ready for use.

Your initial investment in carbon steel pays off, and the film creates a natural, professional-grade nonstick surface. The more you use it, the darker it gets, telling you that your pan is on its way to true excellence. Your pan rewards you for your efforts over time, and as you season your pan, it becomes more nonstick and easier to clean. Just deglaze your pan with water after use and wipe it with a clean, soap-free sponge.

Suitable for oven cooking for 10 minutes at 400degrees


Handwash only

Mineral B

Our Mineral B line arrives protected by beeswax, ensuring your investment arrives rust free. Always refining with an eye toward the natural world: we discovered that beeswax protects pans against oxidation and improves seasoned steel. Our special application methods ensure that wax will not drip or pool, making it mess free. Mineral B contains PTFE and PFOA-free iron that undergoes environmentally-safe production methods.

Mineral B allows you to sear, stir, brown, and grill at high temperatures, both on the stove and in the oven. 

Mineral B pans reflect our French roots: the Lyonnaise shape and curved handle «à la Française» are symbols of French gastronomy. Our “French collection” features cast stainless-steel handles inspired by Parisian monument that highlight our heritage with an elegant, ergonomical design.

Lifetime warranty.

From the makers:

For 200 years, authenticity, passion and commitment have been the values at the core of our business, knowledge and expertise. We design and manufacture utensils, continuously innovating to precisely meet the needs of both catering professionals and home cooks. Like all lovers of good food, we have a passion for tasty and nutritious cuisine. In contrast with today’s culture of instant gratification and ready meals, we want to help each individual to achieve fulfillment by taking back control of their diet. We support a concept of cooking that requires time and effort.

Awarded a ‘Living Heritage Company’ label by the French state, we continue to maintain our artisanal spirit and our passion for precise, high-quality work carried out with care. We campaign for responsible and educated consumption: our products are made to last! We promote environmentally friendly manufacturing processes that protect the beautiful Vosges area. We are the first culinary-sector business in France to receive a ‘confirmed level of CRS commitment’ label from AFNOR, notably for the care taken to ensure the well-being of our employees.

Dedicated to upholding our values and mastering our trade, our products, actions and individual expertise help breathe additional life and soul into the cooking process. After all:

‘Every recipe holds a secret’

‘Chaque recette a son secret’


1. Remove the beeswax by scrubbing with hot water and a soft sponge. 

2. Pour a thin layer of oil (preferably with a high smoke point) at the bottom of the pan and apply slightly on sides too. Heat up.

3. Once the oil starts smoking, let it cool down on the side. Remove hot oil and let dry. Wipe down sides with oil and store in a dry place when done using.

The more you use it, the darker and more non stick it will become!