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Authentic Black Clay Cups: Versatile Handcrafted Elegance for Your Beverages and Delicacies

Experience the cultural richness of South America with our Authentic Black Clay Cups, masterfully designed for a unique and elevated serving of your favorite beverages and culinary delights.

Embark on a journey of tastes with our Authentic Black Clay Cups, the ideal companions to enhance the experience of savoring coffee, bone broth, hot chocolate, or your favored au gratin dishes. With a 7 oz serving size, these rustic yet elegant cups bring the charm of traditional cookware to your table, elevating every sip and bite.

These sturdy cups are more than just serving pieces; they can also be used for heating dishes, whether in an oven or a microwave, adding an element of versatility to your kitchenware.

Each cup is meticulously handcrafted, so there may be slight variations in form, finish, and size. This uniqueness is a hallmark of artisan-made products and adds to the character of each piece. The black clay may change color with direct heat, a natural occurrence that does not affect functionality.

The black clay used in our cups is free from harmful toxins, ensuring safe use. This eco-friendly material is long-lasting with proper care, reducing waste and environmental impact. The artisans are supported with every purchase, helping to preserve traditional craft practices.

To maintain their rustic charm, avoid drastic temperature changes; let the cups adjust slowly to heat and cool down before washing or storing. They retain heat for a long time, so handle with care when hot.

For cleaning, hand washing is preferred. After use, fill the cup with warm water, soaking briefly if heavily soiled, then scrub lightly with a sponge or soft cloth. Avoid metal or abrasive pads and strongly scented soaps which can flavor the clay.

The first time you use our black clay cups for cooking, you may want to "cure" them to seal the pores. This can be done traditionally using a ripe plantain, or by boiling a mixture of milk and water in the cup. Note, the curing process is not necessary for serving beverages or using the cups as serveware.

Experience the unique blend of tradition and function with our Authentic Black Clay Cups.