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Artisan's Signature Raw Hickory Cutting Boards – Revel in Nature's Elegance, Promote Health, and Inspire Culinary Mastery


Revel in the captivating beauty of our unique, ethically-sourced, raw wood cutting board, masterfully handcrafted in Wisconsin. This piece embodies the artistry of sustainable craftsmanship while serving as your partner in a health-focused kitchen, championing your well-being with every culinary experience.

Introducing our Artisan's Signature Raw Hickory Cutting Boards, handcrafted by master woodturner Erik Grahek. These cutting boards elevate the culinary process to an art form while emphasizing beauty, health, and sustainability.

Each board is made from a single piece of ethically harvested raw hickory, meticulously chosen from naturally fallen local trees and hand-milled by Erik himself. This ensures not only the unmatched quality of our boards but also the complete absence of harmful adhesives commonly used in conventional boards.

With its robust hickory grain and our handcrafted organic wood wax finish, this cutting board offers enduring performance while doubling as a captivating kitchen centerpiece, imparting an inviting warmth with its natural allure.

Ethics and sustainability are the cornerstones of our Artisan's Signature Raw Hickory Cutting Board. The wood is harvested responsibly from naturally fallen trees within the local community, ensuring zero harm to living trees and contributing to a healthier, more balanced ecosystem.

The absence of glues or synthetic materials means your food never comes in contact with potentially harmful substances. The board's surface is treated only with our Handcrafted Wood Wax, a blend of organic olive oil, coconut oil, and carnauba wax, protecting your health and further endorsing our commitment to sustainability.

Caring for your Artisan's Signature Raw Hickory Cutting Board is simple. Wipe clean after each use and apply our handcrafted organic wood wax as necessary to maintain the quality and beauty of the wood.

Choose our Artisan's Signature Raw Hickory Cutting Boards today, and transform your culinary routine into an artistically inspiring and health-conscious journey.