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100% Compostable Eco-Friendly Beech Wood Toothbrush with Natural Boar Bristles


Embrace a greener routine with our Eco-Friendly Beech Wood Toothbrush, meticulously crafted for both adults and children who seek a sustainable, plastic-free alternative. Made from FSC-certified local beech wood, our toothbrushes are not only kind to the planet but also to your oral health.


Sustainably Crafted for Conscious Living:

Natural Materials: Our toothbrushes combine the timeless elegance of beech wood with the natural antibacterial properties of boar bristles, offering a unique blend of tradition and oral hygiene.

Double Protection: Each toothbrush is treated with natural vegetable oils and resins for waterproofing, ensuring durability and resistance to saliva, as per German DIN standards.

Gentle Yet Effective: The natural bristles are soft on gums and teeth, with adjustable hardness to suit your personal preference. Simply alter the rinse time under water for a customized brushing experience.

Experience the benefits of natural bristles that are gentle on your gums and teeth, with adjustable hardness to suit your preferences. To customize, simply soak the bristles in water for a shorter or longer duration. Make the eco-conscious choice with our wooden toothbrush, designed for complete biodegradability and sustainability. Fully biodegradable and free from plastics, our toothbrushes can be disposed of safely, leaving no toxic residues and burnable without toxic emissions. They represent our commitment to not just your health, but the planet's wellbeing.

1. Rinse with warm water before first use
2. Clean regularly by pouring hot water over the bristles
3. Use two toothbrushes – one for mornings, one for evenings – to ensure proper drying and hygiene
4. Enjoy a seamless transition from plastic toothbrushes

The child toothbrush is just as effective as the adult version. With a smaller head, it easily reaches the back of your teeth for a thorough clean.