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Heirloom Corn Chips Fried in Coconut Oil


Corn sourced from a farm in Central Mexico near where it is thought to be the "birthplace" of corn and where GMO corn is banned (making cross contamination from GMO corn much lower). The farmers grow organic corn from seed that has been passed down from generation to generation and has been tested GMO and glyphosate free.

The organic, heirloom corn is transformed into "masa" through a traditional Aztec process called nixtamalization which is the soaking and cooking of the corn in an alkaline solution of limewater (calcium hydroxide and water) which allows the husk to slip from the kernel making the nutrients of niacin and iron bioavailable to the body. The process also removes virtually all the mycotoxin that can be present on corn and imparts calcium into the masa, an added benefit that wouldn't be found in the corn alone. 

Once the organic, heirloom corn has been nixtamalized, the wet kernels are stone ground into masa dough, pressed into tortillas and then cut into chips.

The final stage also makes these chips the most unique and healthy possible: they are fried in traditionally-made coconut oil and sprinkled with nutrient-dense Himalayan pink salt.

Ingredients: organic whole white corn, coconut oil, Himalayan pink salt, lime/calcium hydroxide (processing aid during nixtamalization of corn).

If that is not enough purity, the chips are packaged in brown bags that harmlessly decompose anywhere that microbes are present (salt and fresh water, soil, landfills or backyard composts).

-made in small batches to keep them as fresh as possible

-they are labeled with a sell-by-date and will be good for weeks after this day, if unopened

-once opened, the zipper closure will help keep your chips fresh for several days

-corn traceable back to the farm

NOTE: The "lighter restaurant style 13 oz" have more chips per bag even though they weigh less because they are made from thinner tortillas and have a lighter, more crispy texture. The "heavier authentic Mexican 16 oz" are heavier, more hardy and have a slightly higher weight per bag.