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Wild-Harvested Texas Native Pecans – The Healthful Crunch Your Kitchen Craves


Indulge in the irresistible crunch and heavenly flavor of our Wild-Harvested Texas Native Pecans, offering both gourmet taste and health benefits from a sustainable family farm.

Sourced from the wild terrains of Texas, our native pecans represent the finest quality nature has to offer. Wild-harvested and certified pesticide-free, these pecans are always raw and unpasteurized, retaining their nutritional potency to the fullest.

High in oil content, even surpassing the health benefits of olive oil according to some researchers, our native pecans are a veritable powerhouse of nutrients. They are "activated" or sprouted, a process involving soaking in filtered water and finished with Redmond sea salt. This releases vitamins and enzymes while dissolving enzyme inhibitors, making the nuts highly digestible. The low-temperature drying process used preserves these delicate nutrients.

Embrace the health benefits of our native pecans, which are 70% oil and provide healthy fats in an unrefined, unprocessed form. Your purchase supports a three-generation family-owned startup permaculture farm in Texas, fostering sustainable agriculture. These pecans are grown without irrigation and are compatible with soil-building grasses, showcasing a commitment to environmental health.

Your investment not only enriches your kitchen but also supports the transformation of a formerly mono-crop chemical farm into a sustainable, natural, diverse farm. By choosing our pecans, you are participating in a movement towards more sustainable and healthful food production.

Store your Wild-Harvested Texas Native Pecans in a cool, dry place to maintain their freshness and nutritional value. Enjoy them raw, as a crunchy topping on your favorite dishes, or use them to make your own nutrient-rich nut butter. Every bite brings you the natural sweetness of Texas and the assurance of a healthful, sustainable choice.

The natural sweetness of the native pecans, combined with a touch of salt, makes them perfect for sweet or savory recipes. Sprinkle them on rice, squash, grains, yogurt, oatmeal, vegetables, soups, etc. to add a flavorful crunch that transforms any dish.