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The Art of Caring for Your TOXYFREE Carbon Steel Pan: The Key to Uncompromised Health and Culinary Experiences

The Art of Caring for Your TOXYFREE Carbon Steel Pan: The Key to Uncompromised Health and Culinary Experiences

Acquire, Prepare, Adore

In the world of gastronomy, an exceptional tool doesn't merely assist—it transforms the culinary endeavor. Welcome to your journey with the TOXYFREE Carbon Steel Pan. Each of our pans is crafted with a fervent commitment to quality, reflecting the same passion you bring to creating each dish.

However, before we embark on this symphony of flavors, it's essential to understand: Your TOXYFREE pan is more than a kitchen companion—it's a symbol of a healthier lifestyle, a testament to mindful living.

The Goodness of Going Chemical-Free

Your TOXYFREE pan comes with a promise—the promise of a chemical-free cooking experience. It bravely steers clear of the commonly used non-stick PFAS, notorious for their potential health risks. Unidentified coatings that pose a threat to our well-being? They have no place on our pans.

Instead, we offer a natural beeswax coating to protect your pan from rust during transportation. A solution born from nature, for your health. Once your pan arrives, we entrust you to continue this legacy.

Embrace the Season(ing)

Like an artist preparing a canvas, the process of seasoning your TOXYFREE pan is crucial. A ritual to be conducted 2-3 times initially, seasoning forms the initial layer of patina—a natural, non-toxic alternative to synthetic non-stick coatings.

We recommend oils such as beef fat, bacon fat, duck fat, or avocado oil, for this sacred act. Apply a thin layer and heat until it starts smoking. Once cooled, wipe off the excess oil and repeat. This practice not only provides a natural non-stick surface but also shields your pan against rust. An uneven application or the use of inappropriate oils might result in spotting during seasoning.

Just like a story unfolding with every page, your pan will develop its unique character with each use. It's a masterpiece in the making.

The Storage & Care

Treasure your TOXYFREE pan as a culinary heirloom. Store it in a cool, dry environment, away from moisture that might incite rust. A slight layer of oil serves as its guardian armor, protecting it while adding to the patina.

In Case of Rust...

Despite the pan's resilience, should rust make an appearance, follow this protocol:

  1. Wash the pan inside and out with warm water and a soft sponge.
  2. Dry it completely.
  3. Add a mixture of lemon juice or white vinegar and salt.
  4. Scrub gently for a couple of minutes.
  5. Rinse out and dry.
  6. Scrub thoroughly with a steel scrubber (only to be used in this rust-removal process) with the addition of lemon juice or white vinegar and baking soda to neutralize the acid.
  7. Rinse and dry completely.
  8. Immediately re-season your pan.

However, remember that rust is not covered under warranty—this is where your commitment to care comes in.

Choosing the TOXYFREE Carbon Steel Pan means investing in your health, your culinary narrative. With mindful care and usage, it will reward you with uncompromised cooking experiences and healthier, more flavorful meals.

Welcome to the TOXYFREE family, where the magic of healthy and delicious cooking begins.

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