ZERO WASTE OFFICE Small Shift Starter Pack

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It took many, many months to find a totally plastic-free pen. This one sure delivers! Not only is it completely metal and includes 100% all-metal refills (RARE!!!) but it is an amazing product. It has a heavy weight; it writes well; it fits well in the hand; it looks attractive (display it like a flower bud in a vase!); AND it rarely needs refilling! HELLO! HAPPINESS

The starter pack also includes the most awesome pencils! Lacquer-free, sustainable wood, AND biodegradable erasers (also RARE!).

Finally, we added a natural rubber eraser which is a most beautiful belonging and an all-metal pencil sharpener. We've got you covered:)

Your Purchase Makes a Difference!

 metal pens save 1.6 billion plastic pen trash/year

“Although the size of the plastic waste problem is frightening, the numbers tell us that small actions can make big impacts.” Rebecca Prince-Ruiz

#SayNoToPlastic #TakeThePledge #PlasticFreeLiving

SMALL SHIFTS offer effortless solutions to toxin-free & plastic-free living that have an enormous impact on human health.

Daily exposures to toxins (including plastics) are wreaking havoc on our health: obesity, cancer, infertility, diabetes, asthma, birth defects, diseases & more! 

“reducing our exposure to hormone disrupters is a very simple step people can take to lower the risk of harm"

#LoveMyFamily #SafeProductsForAll #DoNoHarm

*biodegradable tags & packaging