ZERO WASTE DENTAL Small Shifts Starter Pack

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Finding organic silk dental floss is becoming easier. YAYY!!! However, so far this may be the only organic floss that also uses organic essential oils. Essential oils are a dangerous crapshoot of toxic chemicals and extra additives! Only purchase essential oils from known sources. 

In addition, the organic peace silk dental floss is an extremely beautiful object. It is durable, easy to use, attractive on the counter, and it provides a powerful impact of saving waste & toxins in such a tiny vessel! Gain extreme joy knowing you are not harming yourself or contributing unnecessarily to waste & toxic pollution! 

It takes a little getting used to the silk floss; it does break more often. Tips: take more floss out of the bottle; finesse flossing by lifting floss straight up and down between teeth. The concentration during flossing is an added meditation bonus during the day; we don't charge extra for that:)

The Small Shift Starter Pack also includes 2 refills of organic silk floss and a 100% biodegradable toothbrush.   

Your Purchase Makes a Difference

silk floss saves 5 miles of nylon in a lifetime

a castor oil bristle toothbrush truly composts

going glass saves 14 million tons of plastic trash/year

“Although the size of the plastic waste problem is frightening, the numbers tell us that small actions can make big impacts.” Rebecca Prince-Ruiz

#SayNoToPlastic #TakeThePledge #PlasticFreeLiving

Daily exposures to toxins (including plastics) are wreaking havoc on our health: obesity, cancer, infertility, diabetes, asthma, birth defects, diseases & more!

SMALL SHIFTS offer effortless solutions to toxin-free & plastic-free living that have an enormous impact on human health.

“reducing our exposure to hormone disrupters is a very simple step people can take to lower the risk of harm"

#LoveMyFamily #SafeProductsForAll #DoNoHarm

*biodegradable tags & packaging