Vegetable-Tanned Leather Round Pouf

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Handmade vegetable-tanned leather pouf. Made by skilled artisans in Morocco. Traditionally tanned using ancient techniques and generational secrets. To be used as a foot stool, additional seating, a small table, and more!

Stuffed with natural rubber purchased from a family-owned Minnesota business and some biodegradable paper near the zipper, these vegetable-tanned leather poufs are a stunning and versatile/useful start to a toxin-free home! We use ours (so far we have the round one and the square one!) as foot stools, moveable tables, additional seating, dog rests, clothing holders:). 

Can be purchased unstuffed. Please stuff responsibly using toxin-free materials!

-vegetable-tanned leather

-traditionally-made by skilled artisans in Morocco

-seeking to preserve the techniques & artisan skills for future generations

-seeking to support artisans and their communities

-finding inspiration in 12 centuries of Moroccan culture, traditions & heritage

-handmade in Marrakesh by artisans using centuries-old techniques

-carefully-selected goat skin leather of the finest quality

-dried naturally in the sun preserving the leather's fragrance

-no harmful chemicals used in any part of the eco-friendly process

-one pouf takes the artistry of seven artisans with different specialties; some work in the workshop; some artisans, many of them women, work from home where they can also take care of their children while supporting their families and building their communities

Directions: maintain by wiping with a soft dry cloth; mop spills immediately

round pouf: 21" diameter x 12" h (stuffed: approximately 23" diameter x 14" h)

round pouf (picture 1): matte tan/brown with white running stitch design

round pouf (picture2): shiny tan/orange with silk-stitched star design

square pouf: 25" x 25" x 16"h