Vegetable-Tanned Leather Pillows

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I remember learning that the process of making leather is extremely harmful and toxic. I started to research traditional ways to make leather and learned that brain tanning leather is the most natural way (although very labor intensive, time consuming and expensive to purchase as well as dwindling knowledge of the skill). Whenever we can find something and can afford it, we invest in brain-tanned leather (our buffalo hide for our bed is our most treasured belonging!!!). 

Another natural way to make leather is vegetable tanning. The gorgeous pillows here are vegetable tanned. 

-Handmade vegetable-tanned leather pillows

-Made by skilled artisans in Morocco trying to preserve traditional craftsmanship and share its beauty with the world

-Made for years of enjoyment 

-No harsh chemicals used in the process (which also reduces water pollution)

We stuff these ourselves with natural rubber purchased from a family-owned Minnesota business and some biodegradable paper near the zipper. These vegetable-tanned leather pillows are a stunning and versatile/useful start to a toxin-free home! One-of-a-kind accents for the couch, bed, chair; paired with organic wool blankets....Hello! Happiness:)

Can be purchased unstuffed. Please stuff responsibly using toxin-free materials!