Vegetable-Tanned Leather Shoulder Bag

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I was amazed to discover how vegetable-tanned leather gets better with age and horrified when I found out how many toxins are used in making industrial leather. These toxins not only adversely affect the health of the users, but their production also destroys the health of the people and ecosystem of where they're manufactured. That's why when we found out these beauties are made by people who make a living wage and with natural materials we couldn't resist.

Bags designed to last a lifetime! Fits all your files, lunch, plus a pair of emergency flats. Fits A4 sizes + 13" laptops. Large zippered inside pocket. Tapered sides to hold more stuff. Additional zipper closure. 32 x 12 x 33 cm. Handle drop 21 cm.

Vegetable-tanned leather & GOTS-certified organic cotton.

From the maker: Our premium quality leather is tanned without the use of harmful chemicals and has no synthetic top finish. No bag is the same; irregularity in color and texture are all part of the charm. It will not stay flawless but will pick up signs of use, making it a unique product that ages beautifully over time. Just like you. 

We choose to work with naturally tanned leather not only because of its safety for people and planet, but also because it gives the products their natural trademark look. 

The shade of our leather evolves when used. It is a living and natural material that ages, so the color deepens and develops a nice sheen. Its color will also alter when exposed to sunlight and with handling. With all our leathers we advise to be careful when wearing beside light clothing as there's no synthetic top finish.

Leather is a natural product. Raw hides naturally display irregularities depending on the life circumstances of the animals. Cattle live primarily outdoors and naturally come into contact with their surroundings, such as hard-edged parts of plants, and barb wire. Their skin is also affected by insects, growth and weight gain which can change the structure of the hide. All our leathers are tanned with natural solvents and have no synthetic top finish. We do not use chemicals such as chromium or bleach to erase marks, meaning the leather will keep its unique structure and irregularities. These natural marks (or beauty spots) celebrate the unique character of each leather.

All our leathers are cow hide, which naturally come into contact with their surroundings. We keep the natural look of the leather in tact. This means that marks like tick or stretch marks may be visible. 

The bags are designed to last a lifetime and you'll often see the color change gradually as the years go by. This is one of the features of our natural, vegetable-tanned leathers. Because there are no chemical dyes used or synthetic top finish, the open structure will evolve with use.

We believe consumers have the power to create change by demanding ethically made products. Our practices support safe work environments, fair wages and equal opportunities for women.

We’re an eco-friendly brand that produces fairly-made handbags and accessories. Eco-friendly is only a label for how our products are made, but shouldn’t set a precedent for how they look and how they’ll feel. We don’t sacrifice quality and style for principle, because to us, they’re one and the same. 

We believe we can change the world, one bag at a time.