Traditionally-Made Sumac Candles

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The flame of these candles is bigger and brighter due to the traditional wick which is made of washi-paper, rush weed and silk fiber. The wick is made by wrapping dried plant material around the washi shaped into a cylinder. This design allows air to pass up from the lower part through the wick's hollow center which in turn gives the candle a large, powerful flame.

-traditionally-made since 1892

-sumac wax

-SINGLE LARGE: 14 cm x 2.4 cm diam (pair with large iron candle stand)

-SET OF FIVE: 12 cm x 2 cm diam (pair with the medium iron candle stand)

- 240 min

-pair with iron candle stand

-you can adjust the flame size by cutting the burnt part of the wick down

WARNING: candles will melt if if left in warm places. Store them in cool places out of direct sunlight.